QRecruit is a recruitment platform for modernizing recruitment events through technology. Gone are the days of sorting through stacks of paper resumes.

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About QRecruit

QRecruit is a system designed to bring recruitment events into the 21st century. Here's how it works.

Before the Event

Employers register to attend the event. Students update their profiles with their latest resume.

During the Event

Employers and students interact naturally. Instead of handing the employer a paper resume, the students provide a QR Code to be scanned. Employers instantly load the student's profile and resume on their tablet device and save notes.

After the Event

Employers review the list of students they've seen and sort them by ratings, resume keywords, and notes taken at the event.

  • Humanized Technology

    The QRecruit system replaces paper resumes, but retains the face-to-face interaction that is key to recruiting events

  • Intuitive Student Portal

    Students can register and upload their resume in under 5 minutes

  • Automatic Parsing Engine

    Resumes are parsed using Optical Character Recognition, which means no manual input is necessary

  • Feature-Rich Employer App

    Scan student QR codes, review student resumes, and apply ratings and notes on-site

  • Cross-Platform

    Application runs natively on both Apple and Android devices

  • Collaborative

    Notes and tags can be shared with other recruiters from the same employer

Web Portals

Distinct Web Portals allow both students and employers to quickly access the information they need

Student Portal

Students upload a resume, which is instantly parsed to extract key information and be searchable by employers. Students also use this page to access their unique QRecruit code. Employers view the student's resume when they scan the student's code at a recruiting event.


Employer Portal

Employers can view upcoming recruitment events, review scanned students from previous events, edit student notes and view student resumes. Additionally, employers can create custom tags which will be instantly accessible from the mobile app. Tagging students makes it easier to remember exceptional candidates later on.

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Download Coming Soon

The QRecruit mobile application for employers will be releasing once QRecruit is launched. Find it here soon.